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Working From Home - Is it even possible?

Working from Home. 

These 3 words seems to be in trend now. Well, aside from the usual suspects like "covid-19", "zoom", "online", "food delivery" and such.

So, lets explore, how best we can work from home! (and keep our bosses happy...) 

Tip #1: Illiumination - Ensure your work desk is lighted adequately

Most of our rooms are lighted by a central ceiling mounted light. This light is usually sufficient to light up the entire room. However, depending on the orientation of your work desk, such a light might just cast an overcast shadow on your working space. You can work around such a "drawback" by adding a table lamp, easily available from everyone's favourite shopping destination, IKEA. Other retailers include Castlery or Hipvan. Before you checkout your cart, remember to choose a daylight (usually in the region of 5000 to 6500 Kelvin) bulb! 

With this latest addition, adequate illumination will indirectly increase your work efficiency, and save you a visit to your optometrist!

Tip #2: Connectivity - maintaining a stable internet collection

Picture this scenario. You are halfway through an important video conference call, then your screen freezes. The next thing you know, your connection is lost, and you have to go through the hassle of re-joining the meeting whilst your counterparts discuss about their next meal delivery options.

The wireless signal from your router, will deteriorate over distance and concrete walls. A weakened wifi signal will cause latency (screen lags, distorted voices or total disconnection) in your video conferences, slow loading speeds of webpages and Youtube videos.

A simple work-around to improve your wireless connectivity is to add another wireless router, easily available from Challenger or Lazada. Setting it up is straightforward! Power the router up and connect one end of the LAN cable to your wall DATA point, with the other end to the router. You will need a separate LAN cable, for your wireless router at the DB Box. Simply plug one end of it into your router, and the other end into the respective labelled DATA point at the Block Terminal. TADAH! You should then be able to connect to a new Wireless Network, powered by your new router, and your wireless connection should improve as well! (Too confusing for you? Fret not! Simply contact us, and we will try our best to assist you!) 

Tip #3: Ergonomics - Good sitting posture

If you are suffering from neck pains and aches after a long day of Zoom-ing, or staring at endless spreadsheets, it is time to re-visit your sitting posture. There are plenty of options out in the market (ie. Comfort Design, Ergoworks), which boast of ergonomics properties and functions. One such option is the ergonomic chair, which will help to keep your posture correct, bring comfort to you while working, and also, increase your work efficiency! They usually have improved lumbar support, adjustable heights and parts that enhance maximum comfort during sitting. Ergonomic chairs will reduce your back pain and neck aches as they are designed to support your natural posture and to reduce stressful forces on your body. 

Thank us later, when your body feel the positive effects from owning such a chair!

Tip #4: Ventilation - Cool working environment

Singapore's weather is best described in two ways: Sunny and humid, or Wet and humid. We usually install various appliances (ie. Ceiling Fans, Wall Fans, Air-cons)  in our rooms, in a bid to make them more comfortable. However, is that all that we should consider?

After identifying your study/work area, you can work together with us to plan the ventilation flow. Having an idea on the effective ventilation (and illumination) spread will help you in making an informed decision on where you can place your work desk, and improve your health, productivity and efficiency! (P.S. Do keep us in mind when you get that bumper bonus of yours!)

With these tips, working from home will be a bed of roses! (And we just gave away hints on what we will be sharing on next...)

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