Our Story

Artspaze was founded in Twenty Nineteen, by two determined and frankly speaking, out-of-our-minds designers.

Equipped with over ten years of experience in this field, we decided to partake in this ever-expanding industry. Along the way, we were questioned constantly, by friends, family members and even our clients, on why we decided to go down this challenging path of starting up a new company, instead of us joining any other design firm out in the market.

Our reasons were simple. We wanted to keep things real, to build homes that tells stories, to our clients, as they matter the most to us. We did not want to shortchange our clients by building and designing cookie-cutter homes, neither did we want to treat our client as just any client. We firmly believe every client deserves more from their Designer. We wanted to have the bandwidth and leeway, to really challenge ourselves in breaking the design norm. We wanted to do more, much more, for all of our clients.

Thus, in order for us to stay true to these principles, we founded Artspaze. And the rest, as they said, is history.

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